Business English

As English has become the global language, many corporate companies and businesses now prefer and expect their employees to use English as a lingua franca.

Our Business English courses focus on the needs of business and professional people and are designed to help you communicate effectively in formal situations such as networking and other work contexts. This course is suitable if your English is at an intermediate or upper-intermediate level.

We also help you prepare for Cambridge Business English exams such as BEC Vantage. This preparation course focuses on developing the language skills and exam techniques needed for the exam. It is an intensive, 4-week course that aims to prepare you for the best possible outcome.

The BEC Vantage certificate is a useful qualification for anyone who needs to use English for business and professional purposes or who is preparing to follow such a career. You must be at an upper-intermediate (B2) level in order to be accepted for this course.

Key Benefits


Improved Communication

Improve your awareness of different communication styles such as formal and informal.


Effective Writing

Learn how to write formal emails, letters, reports, and have telephone conversations.


Professional Communication

Improve your presentation skills, public speaking skills, and communicate professionally.

Course Details

Duration : 40 Hours
Age Group : 24-55
Lesson duration : 2 Hours
Days : Monday to Friday
Level : Intermediate, Advanced