General English


This is the ultimate course for those who wish to or have the need to communicate with people in everyday situations. Our teachers will help you to develop your ‘Everyday-English’ in order to speak spontaneously in real-life scenarios both in and outside the classroom. 

Since we follow the latest Cambridge-guided teaching methodologies, there will be a strong focus on spoken fluency rather than just mere grammar. This means that even a short course of one week is beneficial. 

KEY BEnifits


Speak more

In small groups, you will develop your fluency with realistic role-plays and real-life scenarios

Regular feedback

Get your mistakes spot corrected in order to improve the accuracy of your English faster

tailor-made lessons

All our courses and lessons are tailor-made to suit your specific needs

Duration : 40 Hours
Age Group : All
Lesson duration : 2 Hours
Days : Monday to Friday
Level : Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
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